The holidays are over. We just had Christmas, quickly followed by New Year’s Eve. A good moment to reassess the year. For me personally, moreover, a useful moment for self-reflection. How much of the things we have written over the course of last year has turned out to be true? Can we, perhaps, shed light on some of the important topics again? In any case, something that can be observed from this top 10 of 2017, is the fact that cryptocurrencies have been the eye catcher of 2017. Various articles that made it to the list are, therefore, about Bitcoin, which had a rather remarkable year. The most important of all cryptocurrencies rose from roughly $1,000 to more than $15,000 dollar, which equals a return of 1500%+. We also briefly revisit Trump’s presidency, the Fed and the yield curve, the dollar, futures markets and price formation in the gold market and, of course, our gold price forecasts over the year. Below you can see the ten most read articles of 2017 with a brief description and/or reflection.


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