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Guide to the (Gold Price) Graph

This interactive graph displays (live) the gold price in different currencies (euro’s and dollars), over different periods (from 1971 until now) and in different weights (kilo’s, grams, troy ounces). With our interactive gold price graph you will easily be able to observe the history and evolution of the gold price.

The gold prices in the interactive graph are powered by Xignite and emanate from the CME Group.

As is the case with all currencies, the gold price expresses not only the value of gold but also the value of the currency. For instance, when the dollar rises in price against the euro, the price of gold could fall in dollars, while rising in euro’s. The observed price change represents the “euro weakness” instead of a fundamental change in the gold market. Take a look at our gold price graph of today.

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About the Price of Gold

Many customers are naturally interested in  the price of gold. Apart from the fact that gold has proven for many years that it is an ideal store of value, it is natural to also want to see the price rise once you have purchased the metal. However, it is important to remind oneself that the gold value is fairly constant on a relative basis. In other words, anything, including dollars and euros can be expressed in an amount of gold. In that regard, it makes sense not to think of gold’s value in terms of a euro price or dollar price. It is merely a vessel in which to protect your wealth in case of a monetary, economic, or financial collapse.

Price of Gold Today

At GoldRepublic we follow the worldwide spot price. This implies that we don’t have our own pricing mechanism, which is a good thing. When you buy gold from GoldRepublic you pay the spot price + spread + 1% transaction fees. If you decide to sell your gold, you have a buy-back guarantee as long as you have stored your gold with us in one of the three storage locations throughout Europe. When you sell your gold, you will be paid the spot price minus the spread and 1% in transaction fees. This is a transparent fee that is clear to all customers.

Spot Price of Gold

The price of gold can sometimes be volatile. This volatility is not merely an expression of demand and supply. It can also be an indicator of the movement in the currency in which gold is priced. GoldRepublic’s gold price are always in line with the worldwide spot price.  

What Is the London Fixing of the Gold Price?

As with other precious metals, gold prices are listed in troy ounces (about 31.1 grams) and in grams. The price has been set by London Gold Fixing since 1919. London Gold Fixing's responsibility arose from the need to set prices for the contracts that were negotiated by participants of the London Gold Exchange. This price is currently accepted as the practical recommended price on the market. In 1919, the first fixing set the price to 18 shillings and nine-pence, or GBP 4.9375 /toz. Afternoon fixing was introduced to the US market in 1968, whereby a price of gold could additionally be determined during the opening hours of the US market. 

Yearly Yield on Gold

How well was the performance of the gold rate (in euro’s and dollars)? With which percentage did the gold rate increase or decrease on an annual basis? 

Gold Price Performance Table: Annual Change

Year Euro (EUR)/oz US Dollar (USD)/oz
2001 +6,2% +0,7%
2002 +6,5% +25,6%
2003 -0,3% +19,9%
2004 -2,9% +4,6%
2005 +35,7% +17,8%
2006 +10,2% +23,2%
2007 +19,0% +31,9%
2008 +9,7% +4,3%
2009 +21,1% +25,0%
2010 +38,2% +29,2%
2011 +12,6% +8,9%
2012 +6,6% +8,3%
2013 -30,5% -27,3%
2014 +14% +0,1%
2015 -2,1% -12,1%
2016 +11,3% +8,1%
2017 -1,0% +12,7%
2018 -0,9% +3,4%
Average +8,5% +10,2%

Bron: World Gold Council

Note: calculation based on end of year gold prices 


What Factors Influences the Gold Price?

  • Demand and supply will affect the price of gold. Historically there has been more demand for the gold then then the available above ground supply.
  • Fluctuations between the dollar and euro can have an impact on the value of your gold. The gold price is valuated in dollars. If you buy gold you are automatically also taking a position in dollars. Therefore, if the dollar gains in strength over the euro then this is positive for you as a gold owner living in a euro country.
  • Gold is seen as the ultimate safe haven. Many people also view the US dollar as a form of security. Having said that, when there is strife in the world then gold is seen as the ultimate safe haven.

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The Volatility on Gold - Gold Price Fluctuations

Looked at historically and compared to other investment categories, gold prices show moderate volatility. Extreme peaks are levelled off by longer periods of relatively little movement.

Given how much gold is hyped as being extremely volatile, the graph below shows a different picture. It is in fact oil that is far more volatile, a commodity that we use on a daily basis.

The volatility of the gold price in relation to other investments (source: world gold council)

The Buy and Sell Price of Gold with GoldRepublic

When on the GoldRepublic site, you will see that there is a difference between the buy and sell price. This is known as the spread. The spread is more or less what GoldRepublic pays the refiners in order to acquire the precious metal.

When you purchase from GoldRepublic you pay a spread and then also the transaction fee of 1%.

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