Olav Dirkmaat

Olav is a precious metals analyst at GoldRepublic and PhD-candidate in (Austrian) Economics at the Rey Juan Carlos University in Spain.

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Nadine Smeding

Nadine worked for GoldRepublic from 2011 to 2014, where she wrote the weekly Market Update. Now she is entrepreneur and co-founder of

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Dion Reijnders

Dion has a master's degree in Financial Economics from the University of Maastricht. Under the guidance of Lex Hoogduin he works as PhD candidate at the University of Groningen on a dissertation on the theoretical explanation of interest. He is (co-) translator of the economic masterpiece "Het menselijk handelen" (or the original ''Human Action'') of Ludwig von Mises.

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Edin Mujagić

Edin Mujagić is macroeconomist, monetary economist and publicist. He is the author of the Dutch book ‘Geldmoord: hoe de centrale banken ons geld vernietigen (Money Murder: how central banks destroy our money)’ (2012)and has worked as economics editor at the business magazine FEM Business.

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