Gold, Silver or Platinum Savings Account

Saving Precious Metals: It's Simple

GoldRepublic makes it possible for investors to save gold, silver and platinum bullion. You can save gold, silver and platinum starting with sums as low as EUR€50.00. And you have the flexibility of being able to stop your savings programme at any time, free of charge. What's more, GoldRepublic provides a buy-back guarantee allowing you to easily sell your bullion at your convenience. It is also possible to buy bullion besides the monthly amount you are saving using the same account.

Saving precious metals with one of our savings plans is especially easy if you have a European (SEPA) bank account. GoldRepublic debits your bank account at the end of every month. On the first business day of a new month, all savings orders are executed against a 50% discount to our normal fees.

If you have a non-SEPA bank account, then you can wire a monthly amount for which we automatically buy gold, silver or platinum against the same discount. However, in some cases, bank wire fees may be too high to justify a monthly recurring savings plan in gold, silver or platinum.

Saving gold is within reach with goldrepublic. thousands of investors already save precious metals every month with the recurring savings plan of GoldRepublic.

Saving Gold and Silver: It's Advantageous

When you open a savings account with GoldRepublic you authorize us to buy bullion for you every month on a specified date. Because you will be buying bullion with many other of our investors, you get the benefit of a great purchase price every month - one you'd never be able to enjoy if you would buy bullion on an individual basis. You then only pay 0.5% in transaction costs for the monthly purchase. Alternatively, the staggered purchase of bullion is another easy way to achieve an advantageous average purchase price.

Your purchased bullion is immediately stored - safe and insured - in an independent, professional safe in Amsterdam, Zürich or Frankfurt. The gold and silver purchased for you is supplied by recognized London bullion market (LBMA) foundries. The LBMA hallmark guarantees quality. The same foundries ensure that the bullion are mined and processed in a people-friendly and environmentally friendly manner.

Start a Gold savings Account today!

Risk Profile

An investment in physical precious metal at GoldRepublic offers a form of wealth insurance and an opportunity to realise good returns; however, it also entails risks and is therefore not suitable for every investor. It is important that you gain a good understanding of the characteristics and risks of investing in physical precious metal before you take an investment decision. In addition, you should also carefully consider whether an investment in physical precious metal is suitable for you in view of your experience, investment horizon, other investments, financial position, risk appetite and other relevant circumstances.

Click here for more information about the risks of investing in precious metals at GoldRepublic.


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GoldRepublic operates under license from the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM),
Registration Number 12020650

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