After manipulating the silver price for many years, it recently came to light that Deutsche Bank has also manipulated the gold price. At least, that is what happened if were to believe the multitude of gold blogs. Deutsche Bank was sued because of an alleged manipulation of the Gold Fix and the troubled German bank decided to settle the case. With the risk of being called stupid, evil or a tool, I will tell you a little secret: Deutsche Bank is innocent. The idea that Deutsche Bank “manipulated the gold price” is simply wrong. It is a mere attempt to justify outlandish conspiracy theories.

Historical Background

The “Gold Fix” Does Not Determine Prices, But Deduces Prices

Deutsche Bank Admits to Manipulation

Naïve Trust in the Law and the Treacherous Web of Regulations

How Does Deutsche Bank Manipulate the Gold Price?

What Is the Answer to These Allegations?

What Is Left of the Allegations?

But Even Then…


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