GoldRepublic visits production facility Valcambi in Switzerland

December 11 2019

On Thursday, November 28, Nick Finson and Bart Brands visited Valcambi in Switzerland on behalf of GoldRepublic. Valcambi is located in Balerna, just across the border with Italy, in a quite normal looking industrial site. That Valcambi produces many thousands of kilos of gold, silver, platinum and palladium produced from would not be apparent looking at it from the outside. Upon entering the subtle but strict security hints at importance, but it is little different than when you enter an... »

Bart Brands

A special week for GoldRepublic. The annual audit and visit to vault location Amsterdam

November 20 2019

The end of 2019 is in sight and which means that our annual independent audit will be carried out. During the audit, the auditor identifies which bars of gold, silver, and platinum are located at which location and whether this is in accordance with the daily precious metal allocation. All bars are visually inspected and, with the slightest doubt, weighed or examined.... »

Bart Brands

Why gold is money and why money matters

October 24 2019

Back in 1971, Nixon severed the last of the ties of gold to the after that fiat currencies. After the Nixon shock, the dollar stopped being as good as gold. And because all other currencies were backed by the dollar, it being the world reserve currency, that decision did not only create a fiat

... »

Bart Brands

Industry figures the worst in 10 years, QE 4 is a fact and the number of retail bankruptcies shows an implosion of the sector. What implications does it have for the wider economy and is gold an alternative?

October 4 2019

If we are to believe the rhetoric of policymakers, the economy is running smoothly. In the various capitals, politicians, perhaps sincerely, think there are few indicators to worry about. But what do the numbers show?... »

Bart Brands

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