The US has no choice…

February 15 2024

►On Feb. 13, it came out that the US inflation rate for January was 3.1%, slightly higher than the expected 2.9%.
►Bitcoin just touched the $52,000 mark and now has a total market cap (market capitalization) of $1 trillion!
►Germany has overtaken Japan as the third largest economy in the world after the United States and China, removing Japan from the top three after decades.... »

Rowen Buis

Déjà Vu Banking Crisis 2023

February 8 2024

►Aozora Bank Ltd., the 16th largest bank in Japan by market value, surprised investors with an announcement of an expected net loss of $191 million.
►Credit rating agency Moody's has since downgraded the credit status of New York Community Bank to 'junk,' indicating a high risk of bankruptcy.
►The problems in the US commercial real estate market - which have already affected banks in New York and Japan - have reached Europe this week, raising concerns about wider contagion risks.... »

Rowen Buis

Colossal central bank buying continued in 2023

February 1 2024

► In the fourth quarter, central banks added another 229 tons to the global official gold reserves, bringing the annual demand to 1,037 tons, just below the record of 1,082 tons in 2022.
► Klaas Knot: “The balance of De Nederlandsche Bank is solid; we also have a gold reserve... which we

... »

Rowen Buis

Investors lose confidence in China

January 25 2024

►Since peaking in 2021, the Chinese stock market has seen over $6.3 trillion go up in smoke
►The PBOC has announced that they have reduced bank reserves in an effort to support the struggling economy
►As the Chinese economy recovers, industrial activity is expected to increase, leading to higher demand for silver... »

Rowen Buis

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