The 'perfect storm' for gold - What drives the gold price to these record highs?

April 11 2024

►Why is gold rising so sharply?
►Central banks again net buyers of gold
►Volume of largest gold-backed ETF declines


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Rowen Buis

Silver Price: €800/ kg - Highest price in 1,334 days!

April 4 2024

►Silver reaches a price of €800 after 3.5 years
Gold/silver ratio remains historically high
Silver, expressed in Yen, tests 2011 peak

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Rowen Buis

€66,027 - New week, new all time high for gold!

March 28 2024

Gold reaches another new record: €66,027/ kg (intraday)
Attack in Moscow causes tension between the West and Russia
Did you know that all the above-ground gold in the world fits into a 22-meter cube?... »

Rowen Buis

New record for gold! Thanks to the Fed

March 21 2024

►Gold hits a new record of  €65,431/ kg, driven by FED's interest rate decision.
►Central banks, notably China, aggressively increase gold reserves, underscoring gold's investment appeal
►Retail investment in gold surges, with China leading in consumer demand.... »

Rowen Buis

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