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  • Someone who bought gold on January 1, 2000 would have made a return of 222%
  • Buy (and sell) gold 24/7 easily through an online account
  • Choose your own vault location
  • You buy physical gold with outright ownership. The gold is your legal property and is 100% allocated.
  • We offer a buy back guarantee on all bullion stored in our vaults
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The Easiest Way to Buy Physical Gold: Vaulted Gold

GoldRepublic offers vaulted gold. Vaulted gold are investment grade gold bars stored in professional vaults. Vaulted gold provides investors real and outright ownership of gold bullion in combination with the advantages of a modern investment product such as low costs and high liquidity.

Why Buy Physical Gold and Not Virtual Gold?

Companies and banks can go bankrupt. Governments can change their contractual obligations. But when you buy physical gold it's yours. You don't take on covering risks and don't depend on the performance of the issuing institution to guarantee the possession of your investment.

The usual statistics you might see would tell you that a gold account, a gold tracker or ETF which is following the gold price, are just as good as buying physical gold. None of these securities, however, will give you the same certainty as possessing your own, guaranteed, real-life gold.

Why is this? It's to do with how bankruptcy is handled by the financial system, often leaving creditors at the back of a long line of people and institutions waiting for their money to be repaid.

Gold is listed on the balance sheet of the bank or company that has issued the financial product and the product's structure is usually set up so that the issuer is entitled to lend out the gold to third parties or use it as collateral for other obligations. What's more, gold lent out by the issuer to a borrowing party is often not subject to mandatory insurance.

Credit and solvency risks that come from this (in other words, the risk that the bank or company's capital or guarantee capital is not enough to meet obligations in the event of a bankruptcy) are, in the end, held by the investor. That might mean you. In the event of bankruptcy, the owner of such a financial product (you) would not be able to demonstrate which specific gold is his or her property; the owner of the gold simply has to join the line of creditors that come forward during the bankruptcy. It could be a long wait.

That could never happen when you buy gold with GoldRepublic. When you buy physical gold with us, it's yours. No matter what happens to the company in the future, regardless of whatever troubles it may go through, your gold investment is always secure.

How to Buy Gold Easily

With GoldRepublic you can buy vaulted gold 24/7 from a convenient online account. When buying your gold you can choose to have your gold stored in independent, high security vaults in Amsterdam, Zurich and Frankfurt. GoldRepublic provides a full buy-back guarantee allowing you to easily sell your gold at any time. You can also have your gold delivered to you in convenient bar sizes starting from 1 gram. This way GoldRepublic offers you the ideal combination of the safety of physical gold ownership and the flexibility of online trading.

at goldrepublic you can reserve and buy gold bars of 100 grams, 1 kilogram or 12.5 kilograms (400 troy oz). you can also buy a smaller quantity of gold, but then you will become co-owner of a bar.

Buy Gold Affordably

GoldRepublic makes it possible to own a fraction of a larger gold bar or whole gold bars. In this way you can buy gold affordably from quantities as small as 1 gram. You pay prices usually only seen in the professional precious metals trade. You can also reserve your own bars in the vault in the following volumes: 100 gram, 250 gram, 500 gram, 1 kg en 12.5 kg.

Buy Gold Safely

When you buy gold with GoldRepublic all the challenging physical aspects of owning physical gold are takan out of your hands. So you don't need to worry about transport, insurance, storage or safety. All GoldRepublic bullion is acquired from Valcambi and Umicore both formally recognized LBMA-accredited bullion market refiners. In order to guarantee the quality of the bullion we offer, we only sell newly cast gold bars.

Risk Profile

An investment in physical precious metal at GoldRepublic offers a form of wealth insurance and an opportunity to realise good returns; however, it also entails risks and is therefore not suitable for every investor. It is important that you gain a good understanding of the characteristics and risks of investing in physical precious metal before you take an investment decision. In addition, you should also carefully consider whether an investment in physical precious metal is suitable for you in view of your experience, investment horizon, other investments, financial position, risk appetite and other relevant circumstances.

Click here for more information about the risks of investing in precious metals at GoldRepublic.

Click here for more information about risks of investing in precious metals at GoldRepublic.


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