We are in the midst of the holiday season. New Year’s Eve is days away. In other words, it is a great moment to relive an eventful year, get the facts straight, and digest the impact of this year's important events yet again. Our top ten best read articles of 2016 might help you with that. I present to you our top ten of 2016 with a brief introduction.

1) 10 Terrifying Charts

2) Do Not Worry about Gold Confiscation

3) This Is How Independent Central Banks Are

4) Three Reasons Why ABN AMRO Is Wrong about the Gold Price

5) Gold Mining Stocks: Pros and Cons

6) How Passive Index Funds Set Us Up for the Biggest Crash in History

7) Why Is Gold Not at $2,000/oz?

8) Comex Will Not Go Bankrupt!

9) I Talked with Jim Rogers and This Is What He Said (Don´t Miss This)

10) Buy Stocks or Gold? The Dow/Gold Ratio


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