European Growth Horrendous: Politicians Blame the Weather, Again

May 16 2014

After writing extensively about the abysmal US Q1 GDP report two weeks ago ('It’s the Weather, Silly'), this week attention turned to Europe, as GDP figures over the first quarter were released. Although US growth was disappointing, euro zone growth was even weaker. Many countries actually had a declining GDP or came in below expectations. Only Germany surprised on the upside.... »

Olav Dirkmaat

The Best Inflation Hedge: Gold versus Stocks

May 9 2014

Investors can be divided into two groups: one group strongly believes that gold will protect their savings during a period of rapidly increasing inflation; the other group thinks that stocks are a better protection against inflation. Who’s right? What is the best hedge against inflation: gold or stocks?... »

Olav Dirkmaat

Its the Weather, Silly: Everything about the Abysmal GDP-report & the Failure of QE

May 2 2014

As manic-depressive Mr Market appears to focus wholly on good news only to confirm its bias that the U.S. (and world) economy is indeed recovering, the news that U.S. GDP numbers over the first quarter of this year were absolutely horrendous was silently ignored. More shockingly, if it wasn’t... »

Olav Dirkmaat

Amazon: Don't Play the Losers' Game

April 25 2014

Recently, I’ve come across a piece about Amazon written by a prize-winning asset manager. After a painstaking sales pitch, she cites analysts’ expectations and adds that “Amazon will triple its earnings in 2014 and then double them again in 2015”. “Investors should not look at the insanely high price / earnings ratio”, she assures readers. When I saw the disclai... »

Olav Dirkmaat

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