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The Myths & Realities of Gold and Inflation

August 24 2015

Gold investors are often labeled as doomsayers. In the past few years, gold was frequently recommended by investment gurus whom feared rampant inflation. Their predictions did not become reality, weakening the reputation of holding gold as an investment. Is that justified? Is gold really only a good investment when we are faced with an imminent economic collapse?

We will come to understand that the two most popular definitions of inflation are inadequate, leading to incorrect forecasts.


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Dion Reijnders

Gold and Real Interest Rates. Fact, Fiction, or a Half-truth?

August 17 2015

In many gold-related articles, the term real interest rate is often used; or in other words, the nominal interest rate corrected for inflation. It is often said that low real rates are favorable for the gold price, while high real interest rates are unfavorable. This is often supported with multiple graphs, correlations, and sometimes even statistical models. But does it make sense theoretically? As we investigate, we will see that it is a half-truth. Low real interest rates create the conditions

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Dion Reijnders

What We Have Learned from the Greek Sword of Damocles

August 10 2015

This week, the Greek stock market reopened after a five-week shutdown. Investors weren’t surprised by the heavy losses on the market that followed. But does that mean that investors have learn their lessons? Will they be able to anticipate at the next sovereign debt crisis in time? Probably not.

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Dion Reijnders


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