Gold investors are often labeled as doomsayers. In the past few years, gold was frequently recommended by investment gurus whom feared rampant inflation. Their predictions did not become reality, weakening the reputation of holding gold as an investment. Is that justified? Is gold really only a good investment when we are faced with an imminent economic collapse?

We will come to understand that the two most popular definitions of inflation are inadequate, leading to incorrect forecasts.

By definition, we cannot forecast inflation with certainty. Yet, every investor must have a decent understanding of inflation (and deflation); either to protect his or her capital adequately, or in order to make a deliberate speculative investment.

How the Reputation of Holding Gold as an Investment Was Harmed

The Three Aspects of Inflation

What Inflation Really Is

Why a Higher Consumer Price Index (CPI) Is Not the Same as Inflation

Why an Increasing Money Supply Is Not the Same as Inflation

Why Did Predictions Fail to Come True?

The Achilles Heel of Central Banking: the Velocity of Money

What Was about to Happen During the Credit Crunch

What Investors Need to Know about Inflation

What Inflation Means for Speculating Investors

What Inflation Means for Risk-Averse Investors


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