This week, the Greek stock market reopened after a five-week shutdown. Investors weren’t surprised by the heavy losses on the market that followed. But does that mean that investors have learn their lessons? Will they be able to anticipate at the next sovereign debt crisis in time? Probably not. History tends to repeat itself within  the financial markets. But which lessons can you draw from this Greek tragedy? How can you ensure that a looming crisis will not hang over your investments as a sword of Damocles? A renowned research report from the IMF will help us to find the right answers. In our journey, we will see that precious metals might be a valuable tool for diversification in times of financial repression. 

From Stimulus Packages to Austerity

The Renowned Reinhart and Rogoff IMF Report

Myth #1: A Debt Crisis in a Developed Country Is Impossible

Myth #2: High Sovereign Debts Are Not a Threat to Economic Growth

The Potential 'Solutions' for a Debt Crisis

The Domino Effect: Greek Government, Greek Businesses, Greek Banks

Public Finances and Your Investment

Unfortunately, There Is No Clear Yardstick Indicating the Health of Public Finances

Diversifying with Gold: Spreading Your Risks in times of Financial Repression

Taking Risks Consciously is Key


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