AI bubble?

July 4 2024

►Stock market in an AI bubble? Déjà vu dotcom crash
►Interest Rates: High probability of a rate cut in September 2024
►Gold: priced in different currencies
►App Functionality: Face ID... »

Rowen Buis

Gold Rush Among Central Banks

June 20 2024

►Gold: Gold Rush Among Central Banks
►2024 Central Bank Gold Reserves Survey
►Inflation falls in the UK: Good news?... »

Rowen Buis

Saudi Arabia Ditches Dollar, Good for Gold?

June 14 2024

►Macro economics: Falling US inflation, is it enough to cut interest rates?
►Banks in trouble: due to commercial real estate loans in the US
►GoldRepublic savings plan: possible from €50
►Geopolitics: Saudi Arabia just dumped the dollar... »

Rowen Buis

Billionaire Ray Dalio opts for Gold in 2024

June 6 2024

Gold: Billionaire Ray Dalio opts for Gold in 2024
Platinum: Expected shortages make investing in platinum attractive
Macro-economics: ECB Monetary Policy... »

Rowen Buis

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