You can not print gold.

September 13 2019

The ECB announced a new package of measures to stimulate a supposedly strong economy and boost inflation on Thursday the 12th. At the time of writing, it has just been decided to further lower the interest rate from -0.4% to -0.5% and that from November a new round of quantitative easing of 20 billion euros per month will be started.

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Bart Brands

The war on cash, negative interest and the flight in gold

August 29 2019

The visitor to this website will not have missed it. Governments worldwide are going further and further in their restrictions on cash transactions. The proposal in the Netherlands is to ban cash transactions in excess of 3000 euros per transaction. In other countries the amounts are different but the principle and the arguments mentioned are the same. Cash transactions above an arbitrarily chosen amount are prohibited to reduce the "laundering" of drug and criminal money.

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Bart Brands

Central Banks Are Buying Gold

August 22 2019

GoldRepublic's Manager of Operations Nick Finson and Precious Metals specialist Bart Brands were interviewed by Dubai based Premindra Rajaram for  financial  program Talk Cents. Discussing the recent rise of the price of gold, the correlation with central bank policies and the possible future... »

Bart Brands

ECB Application Of MMT And The Effects On Precious Metals

August 2 2019

The application of parts of Modern Monetary Theory by not only the Federal Reserve in the US but even more so by the European Central Bank seem to be the new norm. This week why delay in rate cuts is not the end of rate cuts and what this can mean for your savings and the price of precious metals.... »

Bart Brands

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