Edin Mujagić: how 1971 started the financial ticking bomb | GoldRepublic Podcast #18 [Part 1]

July 30 2021

What happened in 1971 and why is it the root cause of a failing global financial system? In the first part of our interview, Edin Mujagić, chief economist at the OHV, discussed with Alexej and Bart the consequences of how Richard Nixon's decision to end the gold standard in 1971 profoundly changed the nature of money, the global economy and society for ever. Through conversations with former FED chairman Paul Volcker (1979-1987), Edin was able to gather unique insights on how the turning point... »

Bart Brands

Ravi Sood: How to protect against FED’s inflation playbook | GoldRepublic Podcast #16 (1/2)

July 8 2021

Why is the FED inflating its way out of debt? How does it impact your investment portfolio? Ravi Sood believes that the role of traditional assets like bonds are becoming the most risky assets to hold in the current inflationary environment. In the Part 1 of this interview, Ravi shares with Bart Brands and Alexej Jordanov his views on the market, which assets he believes are undervalued and will protect against inflation, understand the current financial environment with analogies to the 1940s... »

Bart Brands

Tavi Costa: Inflation makes gold and silver shine, the FED can't escape | GoldRepublic Podcast #15

June 30 2021

Tavi believes the FED is trapped in a dilemma. On one side, it could decide to continue expanding its balance sheet to ensure subdued interest rates at the cost of setting off an inflationary problem. Or, it could take the deflationary route by reversing its unprecedentedly loose monetary policy,... »

Bart Brands

Lyn Alden: the next monetary system ›› paradigm shift or drift | GoldRepublic Podcast #12

June 25 2021

What is happening within the global monetary system and where is it heading? Prolific macro investor Lyn Alden provides us with precious insights into the monetary system through historical data, models and cycles, indicators on the symptoms that hint towards a paradigm shift, how precious metals, Bitcoin & cryptocurrencies, stocks, government bonds and currencies affect its dynamics, misconceptions about inflation, in addition to other macro phenomenons including the behaviour of central banks and governments that seem to lack the oversight over the economy and the financial system.... »

Bart Brands

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