ECB Application Of MMT And The Effects On Precious Metals

August 2 2019

The application of parts of Modern Monetary Theory by not only the Federal Reserve in the US but even more so by the European Central Bank seem to be the new norm. This week why delay in rate cuts is not the end of rate cuts and what this can mean for your savings and the price of precious metals.... »

Bart Brands

Are you paying attention to the FED?

July 3 2019

A few more nights of sleep and the economic expansion in the US will be the longest expansion ever in the history of the United States. This expansion means, among other things, that a period of lower growth, if not a recession, could only be a matter of time. The natural behaviour of a healthy economy is one of ascending and descending phases, not of everlasting growth. Of course, the American economy has received a massive overdose of all sorts of monetary drugs, such as quantitative easing... »

Edin Mujagić

Gold is the new gold

June 12 2019

It is always nice to discover which commodity, technology or cryptocurrency is called "the new gold" and perhaps even more interesting, why? Why do people invariably speak of a new “gold rush” if there is a promising investment opportunity and why is gold always the instinctive standard?... »

Bart Brands

A gold investment plan? Save in precious metals

May 29 2019

Save in precious metals with a gold-, silver- or a platinum investment plan, only possible at GoldRepublic. What are the advantages of opening such plan?


... »

Bart Brands

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