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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Why do investors choose GoldRepublic? What are the advantages of GoldRepublic's trading platform?

2. How safe is it to buy precious metals at GoldRepublic?

3. Buying precious metals: how much does a kilogram of gold, silver or platinum cost? What are the additional costs?

4. What does the spot price mean?

5. Is the bullion I buy at GoldRepublic really mine?

6. Can I pick up my physical gold?

7. Who is my gold, silver or platinum insured with?

8. What is the minimum amount for which retail investors can buy bullion through GoldRepublic?

9. Can I also save by the month?

10. Does GoldRepublic also deliver gold, silver or platinum to your home? What are the costs?

11. What does a GoldRepublic buyback guarantee entail?

12. Can I pay by cash or credit card at GoldRepublic?

13. Can I make an appointment at your office?

14. What happens in case of bankruptcy?

15. How do I become a GoldRepublic customer?

16. What are the fees for opening an account?

17. Why do I need to open an account to buy precious metals?

18. Can I open a business account with GoldRepublic?

19. Can I open an account in the name of my minor (grand)children?

20. Can I open an account with GoldRepublic as a minor (under the age of 18)?

21. After activating my account, can I buy gold immediately?

22. What does "validate my account" mean?

23. Do I have to sign a contract to open an account?

24. How do I request a new password?

25. What is the two-step authentication?

26. How do I buy gold, silver or platinum?

27. What is the difference between an at best or limit order when buying bullion?

28. Can I cancel my order?

29. Where will my gold/silver/platinum be stored?

30. Are there cost differences in the different storage locations?

31. Can I keep my own gold or silver in my own safe?

32. Is the gold physically present in GoldRepublic's vault or am I buying gold on paper?

33. What is the daily ownership verification?

34. What does "precious metal in transport" mean ?

35. Can I also cancel my precious metal in transport?

36. What is a bar reservation?

37. How can I reserve a bar?

38. Can I buy or sell precious metals on the weekend?

39. Do I have to declare my investment in gold, silver or platinum to the tax authorities?

40. Do I have to pay VAT on my precious metals?

41. Where can I find my annual statement?

42. Do you also have a GoldRepublic app?

43. Can I change my email address?

44. Can I change my address?


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Registration Number 12020650