The GoldRepublic Affiliate Program

Become a GoldRepublic Affiliate 

How Much Can I Earn?

  • Earn 25% of all transaction fees
  • Includes all orders done within two years (24 months) after account opening

Become a GoldRepublic affiliate 

How to become a GoldRepublic affiliate?

Earn additional income from your website, newsletter, blog or social media page by becoming an affiliate partner of GoldRepublic!

Related websites, blogs and comparison websites in the category of (personal) finance, economics and precious metals are very welcome to sign up as a GoldRepublic affiliate partner. 

Become an affiliate partner in three simple steps:

  1. Open an Account
    Open an account so we can track your referrals!
  2. Request Affiliate Rights
    Send an e-mail to with a request to become affiliate. Make sure you tell us how you are planning to get referrals. Do you have an own website, blog or social media page?
  3. Start Earning Money!
    Begin with earning money by sharing your personal affiliate link with others:, in which you have to change the digits to your personal GoldRepublic account ID. The parameter /?ref=12345 can be used in combination with any page or url of our website, including news articles and educational pages.
  4. Track Your Progress
    After we grant affiliate rights to your GoldRepublic account, automatically an "Affiliate" option appears in your menu when you log in. You can not only measure and check your earnings, but you can also see how many new clients you have referred and how much revenues they generate. We pay out on a monthly basis.

Terms & Conditions of Our Affiliate Program

For more information about the GoldRepublic affiliate program, please read the terms and conditions of our affiliate program.

Click here to open the terms and conditions of our affiliate program


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GoldRepublic operates under license from the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM),
Registration Number 12020650

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