Do you know which were the best performing markets of 2016? Which investments showed the most impressive annual returns? The answer might surprise you: the Brazilian Bovespa was one of the outperformers, together with the Russian Micex-index (I have been investing in Russia for the past two years.) These two stock markets rose by almost 70% and 60% respectively in 2016. Oil (WTI) follows suit, with an annual return exceeding 40% (oil prices came from extreme lows.) The WTI oil price narrowed the gap with Brent oil, which rose “only” 20%. Other assets worth mentioning are copper, U.S. high-yield bonds (or “junk bonds,” about which I warned earlier), silver, the S&P 500 stock market index, and at a respectable distance, gold. How likely is it that the best performing assets in 2016 will be the best performing assets in 2017 as well?

These Were the Best Performing Markets in 2016

Source: Deutsche Bank

Let’s Begin with the Outperformers: Russia and Brazil

Oil Prices in 2017

The U.S. Stock Market

Brexit and the British Stock Market

Last but Not Least: Silver and Gold


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