Russia has been a net buyer of gold for the past few years. It bought about 77 tons in 2013 and currently holds around 1,042 metric tons in its vaults, making it the eight biggest gold investor of the world. But what will Russia do next with its gold, as the world appears to be on the brink of a renewed cold war?

What Russia Is Doing with Its Gold: a Chronological Account of Recent Events

From 2007 to 2013

February 22 – February 24, 2014

February – March, 2014: Russia Sold Some Gold

March 3, 2014: Rate Hike

March 24, 2014: Tymoshenko’s “we should kill those damned Russians” Leaked

April 2014 & Onwards: Will Russia Dump Their US Treasuries in Exchange for Gold?

Gold Prices Might Go Down Further

Gold Prices under Pressure in the Short Term


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