Last Thursday, Draghi — with his distinctive Italian accent — announced that the ECB will undertake its largest stimulus program ever. From March onwards, the ECB will purchase €60 billion worth of government bonds each month. The program will run for nineteen months and will amount to a total of €1,140 billion (around 8.8% of Eurozone GDP). After this announcement, the euro

Three Secrets about Draghis 1,140 Billion Bazooka

The Euro Is In Crisis

How Draghi Managed to Pass the Largest Stimulus Program Ever

Secret #1: Draghi’s Bazooka Will Lead to Lower U.S. Corporate Profits

Secret #2: The ECB VS. The Fed ? the Role of Negative Discount Rates

Secret #3: Draghi Kept Silent about Greece

The ECB Informed the Swiss National Bank


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