Is Bitcoin in a bull or bear market? When will it crash? How do I read crypto charts? Trader and technical analyst Michaël van de Poppe aka @Crypto Michaël came back to give some precious insights on the crypto market: - how to dissociate speculation from fundamentals when investing in Bitcoin and alt coins - the effect of the Elon tweets on charts - basics on reading crypto charts and understand price movements through technical analysis - the latest Bitcoin price actions in the last months and where we're heading - why now is the "cheapest" buy opportunity for Bitcoin according to the Stock-to-Flow Model (S2F) of Plan B - Michaël's personal motivation, insights, learnings and mistakes on his journey and success growing +300k followers on Twitter, YouTube and Instagram - Bitcoin ban in the Netherlands and other countries in the world - Toxic influencers, shiftcoins and liquidations getting newcomers rekt - Technical analysis on Gold - The importance of rebalancing your portfolio


Michaël van de Poppe: understand crypto markets & read charts or get rekt | GoldRepublic Podcast #14


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