Friday, August 24, 2017: the annual gathering of central bankers and policy makers in Jackson Hole has attracted extensive press coverage. Janet Yellen – the current Chair of the Federal Reserve – gave a speech. Not in Washington or New York, but in the quiet little town of Jackson, Wyoming. Janet Yellen was not the only one to give a speech. In fact, almost any important person in the world of central bankers joined this annual symposium organized by the Kansas Fed. Even ECB Chair Mario Draghi gave a talk (which was surprising, given Draghi’s absence from earlier editions of the symposium). The history behind the Jackson Hole symposium is interesting in itself, but the themes that were discussed might be even more interesting. Unfortunately, the formal speeches were boring, predictable and irrelevant. But there is no doubt in my mind that the real issues were subject to debate but in a more informal setting behind closed doors.

The History Behind the Jackson Hole Symposium

Two Issues


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