Joe Brown from Heresy Financial outlined eloquently how central banks like the FED or the ECB use increasingly more unconventional monetary policies that in the longterm can have unknown and unintended consequences on the economy and the financial system.


Background & why Joe started Heresy Financial  

Biggest heresy in the financial system? 

Unconventional monetary policies is the new normal 

Why the US can print free money

FED taboo policies

Can the FED use negative interest rates?

Tax income increased without raising tax rates

FED purchasing stocks

John Law anecdote

Buying gold at a discount

When will the FED do Yield curve control?

Can the FED still taper?

About Joe Brown (Heresy Financial) After almost five years in the financial services industry, Joseph Brown witnessed too many people paying too much in fees for bad advice. Joseph is the founder of Heresy Financial which serves to equip people to control and protect their own wealth instead of being vulnerable to poor investments, hidden fees, and economic crises.

Heresy Financial: Central Banks' magic trick policies | GoldRepublic Podcast #22 (Part 1/2)


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