Stress tests are a phenomenon that should raise questions directly: a banking regulator that conducts a publicly accessible stress test on bank´s financial statements. What incentive does a regulator have to see half of the banks it regulates fail? This façade has one objective: to increase trust in the banking sector. Unfortunately, the latest stress test last month turned out to be one miserable failure. “Only” three banks failed to pass the EU stress test: Banca Monte dei Paschi, Royal Bank of Scotland and Allied Irish Banks. But financial markets were not very convinced: some bank shares tanked and reached new lows. A mere week later, however, most share prices recovered. But thanks to the German Zentrum für Europäische Wirtschaftsforschung (ZEW) we have learned something of even greater importane. What am I talking about?

The (Ground-breaking) Research of ZEW

Source: EBA Risk Dashboard

Do You Still Have Money at the Bank?


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