What happened in 1971 and why is it the root cause of a failing global financial system? In the first part of our interview, Edin Mujagić, chief economist at the OHV, discussed with Alexej and Bart the consequences of how Richard Nixon's decision to end the gold standard in 1971 profoundly changed the nature of money, the global economy and society for ever. Through conversations with former FED chairman Paul Volcker (1979-1987), Edin was able to gather unique insights on how the turning point in 1971 triggered: - the global financial crisis in 2007 - negative interest rates - record high sovereign debt - Central Bank Digital Currencies - disastrous gradual merger of fiscal and monetary policies - other worrying economic trends among others


Edin Mujagić: how 1971 started the financial ticking bomb | GoldRepublic Podcast #18 [Part 1]


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