While I was expecting that the ‘Remain’-vote would reach a majority in the British EU-referendum, the British surprised the world by, with a million votes difference, opting for a Brexit. The British will leave the European Union in a trajectory that, they expect, will take over two years of negotiations. They will have to go through this tedious process, however, without British Prime Minister David Cameron. He threw in the towel after it became clear that a majority wants out of the European Union. The news shocked financial markets: gold rose over 4% (in dollars), the EUR/USD lost almost 2%, and bank stocks were hit hard. Yet the biggest danger still lies ahead.

The Biggest Danger Lies Ahead

The Disintegration of Europe

Europe Is Mad, the Rest of the World (and Putin) Relieved?

Brexit Has Two Underlying Motives: One of Them Is Frightening

Initial Reaction to Brexit Is Frantic, But Short-lived? Great Uncertainty about the Future


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