I admit. My response to a recent interview is overdue. Last year, the Dutch financial newspaper Financieel Dagblad (FD) published an interview with Aerdt Houben, director of Financial Markets at the Dutch central bank, De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB), discussing that beautiful shiny precious metal we are so interested in: gold. Of course, there has been enough commotion about DNB and its gold reserves. DNB repatriated, for instance, in utmost secrecy over €4 billion euro worth of gold from New York to the Netherlands. Wat did Aerdt Houben of DNB say about investing in gold and what could we comment?

“We Will Keep the Gold for You, Because That’s More Efficient”

Is the Gold There?

Gold Is Our Buffer and We Have More than Enough Gold

Quick Calculation

Canceling the Debt?

Gold Sales in the 90’s


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