Save in precious metals with a gold-, silver- or a platinum investment plan, only possible at GoldRepublic. What are the advantages of opening such plan?


Invest in precious metal

At the time of writing, one kilogram of gold costs around 37,000 euro’s. One kilo of silver 430 euro’s. Most investors see the positives in an investment in precious metals as part of their portfolio. Yet there are a number of reasons why many people postpone the investment in precious metal. A number of these reasons they state.  

  • First of all, investing in precious metals mostly involves significant financial dedication. Not everyone can easily unlock a substantial amount to buy, for example, a kilo of gold or a few kilos of silver.
  • Most people do not like to keep that potentially very valuable precious metal at home or, for example, bury it somewhere. Precious metal is particularly compact and therefore attractive for burglars. Of course it can also be attractive to have some precious metal at home, but larger quantities require a form of (home) security that can be expensive and time-consuming.
  • There may come a time when you want to monetize your precious metal. This is possible in many locations, but requires research and many gold exchange companies also offer low prices for physical precious metals, which means that you might lose 4-10% compared to global spot price.

Open now a savings plan 

Save at Goldrepublic

At GoldRepublic we have a unique solution for these challenges with the introduction of our savings plan.

  • It is possible to open, for example a gold investment plan, and you can start saving with 50 euro's per month in gold or any other physical precious metal of your choice! Due to the relatively low entry amount, saving in precious metal at GoldRepublic is accessible to almost everyone. Precious metals are historically known for retaining value, and in this way diversify your investments.
  • We store the precious metal for you in our highly secured vault in Zurich, Switzerland. If desired, you will receive an independently verifiable overview of your positions every day.
  • If you want to sell your position, we offer a buy-back guarantee for all the precious metal stored in our vaults. Anyone who saves can therefore sell precious metal back to GoldRepublic 24/7.

This process is fully automated. The amount is debited from your account and GoldRepublic invests for the amount that you want to save precious metal every month. Of course you can track all purchases in your account and view your position whenever you want.


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