Financial markets are currently, according to my judgment, committing three important mistakes. These three mistakes imply that asset prices currently are – again, according to my judgment – also mistaken. Some asset classes are rather expensive, whereas other asset classes seem to offer better opportunities. The three mistakes that I want to highlight this week, are leading to (a) too high stock market prices, (b) too low gold prices, and (c) too high debt levels.

Why “Mr Market” Is Wrong: Financial Markets and Asset Prices Are Far from Perfect

Mistake #1: Trump’s Tax Reduction Will Cause Even Higher Economic Growth

Mistake #2: The Global Trade War Will Have Little to No Impact on Economic Growth (And Certainly Does Not Outweigh Trump’s Tax Reduction)

Mistake #3: When Long-Term Interest Rates Break Through the Magic 3%-Barrier, A New Economic Boom Will Begin

Only One Conclusion Possible


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