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Many investors point to Kondratiev waves (also called supercycles or long waves) as a reason to invest in gold. The best-known advocate of the Kondratiev cycle may very well be Jaap van Duijn, a former executive of the Dutch asset management firm Robeco. A Dutch newspaper, Volkskrant, cites him: "Nobody exactly knows how the waves work, but everyone has to deal with them, just like gravity." Van Duijn emphasizes: "The economy is an organic whole. You almost have to look at it with the eyes of a biologist." Scientific evidence? "If you want empirical evidence, you’ll have to be patient for another hundred years. The theory is simply correct." Unfortunately, not only do we lack any proof, but there is no logical reason to assume that there is any grain of truth in the Kondratiev theory either. Kondratiev waves are imaginary.

What Are Kondratiev Waves?

Are Kondratiev Waves Real?

Kondratiev Theory Proves That Ludwig von Mises Is Right



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