Contrary to the claims of many academics, there are some investors in this world who consistently earn high rates of return. What are the five traits of these “intelligent investors?” And what are the five things they avoid? To which category do you belong? Would an “intelligent investor” be buying gold right now?

5 Traits of an Intelligent Investor (and 5 Things He Avoids)

1) The Intelligent Investor Puts All His Eggs in One Basket

2) The Intelligent Investor Aims at Preserving Capital Instead of Speculating

3) The Intelligent Investors Allows Opportunities to Pass By

4) The Intelligent Investor Takes Advantage of Falling Prices and Does Not Panic

5) The Intelligent Investor Ignores Market Fads

Do You Have the 5 Traits of an Intelligent Investor?

Would an Intelligent Investor Buy Gold?

Five Things Intelligent Investors Avoid


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