The year is 2020. The self-driving car has not delivered on its promise yet. Neither in Japan. It is June 16 in Tokyo, the day of the annual shareholder meeting of Toyota. Akio Toyoda still holds the reins at Toyota. A casual observer who predicted a wave of innovation in the automobile industry is in for a disappointment. At least, in Japan. Toyota has been complacent. Its newest models look almost the same as five years ago; sales are without exception disappointing. Multiple problems have surfaced over the past few years. It seems like everyone at Toyota has other things on their minds than producing cars. Dysfunctional airbags, sometimes unexplainable breakdowns and other production flaws are everyday events. This is why.

Where Is Everyone?

In the Dealing Room at the Bank of Japan

Investor Relations for … Investors?

The Japanese Suffer

Fiction or Reality?


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