Let us for a moment pretend that we have a crystal ball. I have made a list of ten predictions which I seriously consider for this new year. Some predictions are somewhat more daring than others, but every one of the scenarios have, according to my judgment, decent odds to actually become reality in 2018. I cannot give guarantees, of course, but I can only assure you that I put my money where my mouth is. In other words, I follow Nassim Taleb’s principle of “skin in the game.”

1: The Dollar Rallies to Its Highest Level Since 2003

2: The Gold Price (In Dollars) Will Decline to Below $1,100/oz

3: The Gold/Silver Ratio Will Exceed the 90/1 Barrier

4: Trump Pulls Out of NAFTA

5: The US Stock Market Will Suffer a Year-on-Year Decline at the End of the Year

6: The Yield Curve Will Virtually Invert; the US 10-Year Treasury Yield Ends Lower at Year-End

7: Cryptocurrencies Recover to Fall Again Afterwards

8: A Canadian Bank (CIBC) and Multiple Chinese Banks Will Get Into Trouble

9: A Large Initial Public Offering (IPO) Will Fail This Year

10: The Oil Price Will Fall and Remain Near $50 per Barrel


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